Tache De Naissance hand-crafted, made-to-order pieces are intended to be heirlooms. These sets and dresses can be treasured and passed on to new infants through generations of family and friends. We imagine the designs will only become further enchanted with the lives and lineage of those who wear and gift them.

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Sleep is truly a gift, both for the baby, and the parent. As I rock my daughter to sleep I often whisper: “May you sleep well, have many dreams and come up with your best ideas tonight.” I consider her night clothes to be another wish for peace and beauty to permeate her slumber.
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Tache De Naissance is inspired by seamstress traditions passed down through generations, traditional quilting techniques, and the limitless imagination of children. The collection incorporates playful prints, heritage fabrics, contrasting rick rack, and hand embroidery to create effortlessly put-together, comfortable looks for your baby.
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The culture of fast fashion is the very opposite of what I love about garment making. I believe owning fewer, higher quality products is better for the world, and better for the wearer. These designs are meant to last—and to be gifted and shared. The Tache De Naissance made-to-order process offers the opportunity to customize your own Heirloom.
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